28 Jan

Auto Deploy 5.1 with standalone vCSA as Auto Deploy server


While trying to setup a pair of vCenter Server Appliances (vCSA) I noticed that the documentation was confusing and incorrect. My goal was to have one vCSA as the vCenter Server, and another as the Auto Deploy Server.

  1. You need to make sure that the Auto Deploy service is not running on the vCSA that you are using as your vCenter.  If you already have the Auto Deploy service running on your vCSA that you are using as your vCenter, you need to unregistered it from the local vCenter and set the service to not auto start.
  2. On the vCSA that you are using as your Auto Deploy server you must register with the vCenter Server
22 Jan

PowerCLI 5.1 Release1 Move-VM Bug


While trying to write a script to move our VMs to a newly created datastore cluster I discovered a bug in PowerCLI.  The issue only comes into play when trying to convert to thin provisioning. I am using PowerCLI 5.1 Release 1 build 793510.

If you run this command you get a giant trace stack:

Running the same command without the -DiskStorageFormat flag will work fine:

Also if you run the command with the thin provision flag against a datastore and not a datastore cluster it works fine as well:

I posted on the VMware PowerCLI forum and it was confirmed that this was a bug.

Commenter LucD (http://www.lucd.info/) used Onyx to discover that the cmdlet fills in the RelocateSpec.disk property while the SDK Reference seems to say “RelocateSpec.disk.datastore; the fields should be unset if the user wants SDRS recommendations“. If I do the call with an empty RelocateSpec.disk property, the method works without a problem.

He also came up with this work around:

This worked great to get around the issue. I will be posting soon outlining why I needed to do this 🙂